At Riyadh Columns Carton Factory Company, we envision a future where our contributions extend beyond national borders. Our goals are shaped by the following key principles:

  1. Economic Diversification: We recognize the importance of moving beyond oil dependency. By diversifying our product offerings and expanding into high-growth sectors, we aim to contribute significantly to Saudi Arabia’s non-oil GDP1.
  2. Global Supply Chains: Our commitment to the newly launched Strategy for Industryempowers us to secure global supply chains. We aspire to be a reliable exporter of high-tech products, including coreboard paper and carton boxes, to neighboring countries and beyond1.
  3. Quality Exports: We strive to enhance the quality and competitiveness of our exports. By adhering to international standards and leveraging technological advancements, we aim to position our products as top choices in the global market.
  4. Local Content Enhancement: Through initiatives like Made in Saudi, we focus on increasing local content in both oil and non-oil sectors. By nurturing local talent and fostering innovation, we contribute to Saudi Arabia’s Fourth Industrial Revolution1.
  5. Sustainable Growth: Our commitment to sustainability aligns with Saudi Arabia’s goal of net zero emissions by 2060. We invest in renewable energy solutions and eco-friendly practices, ensuring responsible growth for future generations1.