As we embrace the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, Riyadh Columns Carton Factory Company invites you to be part of our growth story. Together, let’s create a prosperous, diversified, and globally impactful future.



At Riyadh Columns Carton Factory Companyquality assurance is at the heart of everything we do. We take immense pride in delivering products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Here’s how we ensure the highest quality:

  1. Stringent Testing Protocols:
    • Beforeany product leaves our facility, it undergoes rigorous testing. Our dedicated quality control team meticulously examines each coreboard paper, carton box, and single-phase roll.
    • We assess factors such as strengthdurability, and dimensional accuracy. Only products that pass our stringent standards proceed to the next stage.
  2. Material Integrity:
    • Our coreboard paper is sourced from reliable supplierswho share our commitment to quality. We verify the integrity of raw materials to ensure consistent performance.
    • For carton boxes, we select the finest corrugated board, considering factors like burst strengthcompression resistance, and printability.
  3. Performance Testing:
    • Our coreboard paper undergoes core winding tests. We simulate real-world conditions to evaluate its suitability for paper cores used in various applications.
    • Carton boxes are subjected to stacking testsimpact resistance tests, and humidity exposure tests. We want our packaging solutions to withstand the toughest scenarios.
  4. Traceability and Documentation:
    • Each product is assigned a unique tracking code. This allows us to trace its journey from production to delivery.
    • Our comprehensive documentation includes details of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and quality checks.
  5. Customer Feedback Loop:
    • We actively seek feedback from our customers. Their insights help us fine-tune our processes and address any concerns promptly.
    • Continuous improvement is our mantra.
  6. Compliance:
    • We are committed to sustainable practicesand ethical manufacturing.

When you choose Riyadh Columns Carton Factory Company, you’re choosing uncompromising quality. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships by consistently delivering excellence.